September 12–October 12
Come Blow Your Horn
Neil Simon

January 10–February 1
Bang the Drum Slowly
Mark Harris

March 21–April 12
Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's
Hung You in the Closet
and I'm Feelin' So Sad

Arthur Kopit

May 30–June 28
Judgment at Nuremberg
Abby Mann

July 18–August 16
An Evening with Danny Kaye

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On the Waterfront for the originality of the production of a classic, a very complex one at that, Ms. Akerley and company stand apart from the crowd.

  When all is said and done, this On The Waterfront is a winner and still champion. 
- Drama Urge

...a real moral and political eye-opener for contemporary audiences...

Those who love the movie will be astonished as its variance.

The play in its own right is a gripping period piece whose lessons are not lost even today.

American Century’s production of Schulberg’s play is not lavish. It’s realistic, well-acted, and believably presented.
Washington Times

It could definitely be a contender.
- Huffington Post

[Director Kathleen Akerley] delivers a knockout punch to Schulberg’s final rewrite with a relevant-to-today, memorable production about the spiritual struggle between right and wrong.

Schulberg’s clever, signature dialogue is still as fresh on stage as in the screenplay.
The American Century Theater’s production has created something unique that’s well worth experiencing.
- D.C. Theatre Scene

The American Century Theater production of “On the Waterfront” finally provides the gritty and powerful drama Schulberg always envisioned it would be.
- The Connection Newspapers (p. 13)

...plays up the drama...

…suspenseful and effective treatment...

… captures the desperation of the dock workers, the conflicting bonds of family ties and the way that an individual or two can turn the conscience of many, even if the ultimate result isn't always progress...
- Washingtonian


...a superb job...

...ingenious musical script woven into dark moments of prop changes...
- D.C. Metro Theater Arts

TACT has done well by author Budd Schulberg....The entire cast is great!
- Rich Massabny Reviews

...performances have a drive and clarity that elevate the production...
- City Paper