September 20–October 11
The Seven Year Itch
George Axelrod

January 9–31
Crime and Punishment in America
Cops by Terry Curtis Fox and
Hello Out There by William Saroyan

March 19-22
American Century's
Broadway Hit Parade

compiled by Jack Marshall,
Tom Fuller, and Jacqueline Manger

July 17–August 8
Twelve Angry Men
Reginald Rose

Dedicated to mining the treasures of
20th century performing arts


A Unique and Important Mission

The American Century Theaters mission is to promote 20th century theater as a vital part of our cultural dialogue. Our mission is based on the firm conviction that this theatrical repertoire -- influential and critically acclaimed dramas, comedies, and teleplays first produced during what Henry Luce called the American Century -- portrays a uniquely American vision that is vital to our shared cultural heritage. In today's increasingly Balkanized society, finding this common ground has become essential.

Our mission is also driven by the belief that theater should be accessible to all citizens. For the mainstream audience today, the combination of prohibitive cost and adult-only themes makes it increasingly difficult to find appropriate theater-going experiences for the entire family. We know this need not be the case, and that America's finest theatrical works -- written for a broad audience -- contain significant themes and ideas that should be part of our collective wisdom as a nation.

Mission Statement

The American Century Theater's mission is to promote 20th century theater as a vital part of our cultural dialog.

  • To revive worthy plays and musicals at risk of being forgotten.
  • To restore, repair and reconstruct works, when missing or incomplete.
  • To translate important American works from other media to the stage.
  • To commission new works that spotlight the intellectual, historical, political and cultural diversity of 20th century America.
  • To share our efforts with interested scholars, teachers, and performers worldwide.
  • To inspire other companies to produce these works by proving they can garner critical praise and engage audiences.
  • To practice the art and business of theater in a courageous, ethical and humane fashion.

Artistic and Administrative Principles

The American Century Theater hereby pledges that these principles will govern its activities and operations:

In our productions ... we will preserve the dignity, integrity, spirit and content of classic American plays, amplifying without distortion the voices, vision and viewpoints of their authors for audience members, whether they are experiencing these plays for the first time or the last.

For theater audiences ... we will make the affordability and general enjoyment of great theater our highest priorities.

To the artistic community ... we pledge truthfulness, openness in communications, fairness in contractual relations, and to honor all commitments, oral or written, expressed or implied, long or short term.

Toward other theaters and dramatic organizations ... professional or volunteer, we will offer continuing support, cooperation, respect and assistance; and to that end, we will never induce any individual to break an existing commitment to another theater's production.

In advertising and other communications with the public ... we will not intentionally misrepresent the content of a play or the critical reaction to its production.

To all who support, us work with us, and watch us ... we guarantee vigilant enforcement of these principles, and ask that audiences, artists, colleagues, critics and the general public hold The American Century Theater to the highest standards in all aspects of its work.

(703) 998-4555
P.O. Box 6313, Arlington VA 22206